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Saturday, 10 May 2014

In the garden

Been shopping, loved the wipe your feet, it will wind up both daughters. 
The plastic holders for the inside of the door, they are for bathrooms, but will work well here.
 My greenhouses are still full, I have today planted out two tomatoes, in a large tub, with a clear plastic cover over, not only for frost, should we have any, but also to keep them a bit warmer, I need to get them much bigger.
 Both my cucumbers are doing well, the one on the right is growing great, my cucamelon on the left is still rather small, but it will never be a huge as a standard cucumber. I have added extra frames, the tall frame on the right is all the extra levels from my obelisk, I have three and they are all built lower.
 Every thing is almost ready to go out, just a couple of more weeks and it will be empty in here. The tall green plant is my Goji plant it has doubled in size in the last couple of weeks.
 My blueberry plant can only be watered with rain water, too many chemicals in tap water, so I have purchased a new watering can, and I am keeping loads of bowls out to capture rain water. Under the table is a brewing tub, which I have purchased for keeping extra rain water. I was told to keep goldfish in there, they will help to keep the water clear, not sure if that would be a step too far.
 We are in for a while, it looks like rain, for once I am happy for some rain, it's also very windy, can't put anything down today, it will be blown away when you go back for it. The garden is looking good, but the motorbike stays in the garage, can't see us using it this weekend.
Not much stitching done, I have been doing all the easy and boring task, but now I need to purchase more of DMC3041, I had two lots, but they are almost gone, and I still have loads to do.
Work was good this week, the CEO visit on Thursday went well, no hitches, Monday Ann is back, so not so much work to do.
Nothing planned for the rest of the weekend, just relax and have fun and laugh alot.


  1. Your garden seems to be coming along very well! We are supposed to get snow here (?!?) tonight and through the weekend, so we have to cover all of our plants.
    I am curious who is the designer of many of your cross stitch patterns? I know you change the colors, but they are always so nice and symmetrical and clean cut - I just really love the designs. Beautiful work!

  2. The goldfish will also add "natural" fertilizer to the water, so it might be just what your plant will need :)

  3. Your garden and she'd look lovely. Love the sign and I never knew about blueberry plants - very interesting but not keen on the goldfish idea :) probably explains why blueberries are expensive. Your sewing is beautiful and love the colours. Hope the weather improves for the remainder of the weekend,

  4. Your gardens looks lovely and the plants in the greenhouse are coming on a treat.

  5. I know I said this last time, but I really do love your garden and new shed. Love love love.

    I'm itching to get growing!!!



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