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Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunshine and stitches

Not the most exciting stitching, but I am 2/3rds of the way down on the left hand side on the outer boarder. I love the two colour section I am stitching now, very restful. I do like to get most of the simple stitches done early on, leaves me all the fun stuff to do last. 
 I love this neat bag I have for all my threads 
I purchased it for Fliss, but I brought it home and found a use for it. Will have to get Fliss another one. Not my style, but I love the colours. 
 We now have gates for the back garden, they are heavy and solidly made, which is what we were looking for, the house they came from was built in 30's, same as ours. Hubby has to clean them off and then paint them, not a job to be rushed.
Over our back fence, the last 9 foot of our neighbours long garden has loads of tree's which have been left to mature, which makes our garden look so much nicer. You can see some blue which cover the son's fort/den. The trees offer a pathway for the squirrels and a place for birds to perch.
We are still having our heat wave, 4 days of near perfect weather, tomorrow it will all change, rain is expected, so I hope not to have to water the garden.
I have loads of small plants in my veg boxes, all doing very well. I re-potted my blueberry today, into it's permanent large pot. Soon I hope to be able to get rid of our large tool box which sits on the decking next to the herb garden, I can then group my fruit pots there and make it look nicer.
We had two great BBQ's over the weekend, ours was small but fun, we were all done by 9.30pm, but daughter Su had to stay until all my solar lights were on, see I am a typical woman on a certain age with little twinkling lights around the garden. Sunday we went to a friends, another small BBQ, it was nice not to have to do any preparation, and I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Pimm's, but I did catch the sun on my right arm, not enough to hurt, but it is very red.


  1. Still loving the piece your working on Marlene. Great garden pics.


  2. That border is just coming along wonderfully!

  3. Please post a picture of where the gates will go . . they are so pretty :)



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