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Saturday, 17 May 2014

My space

My sign is up and looking good
 Territories have been set, hubby had drawn the line in the sand.
I have come inside to cool down, it's a perfect day here in Hampshire, I have been outside since mid day, we had lunch outside, then I potted on my Olive, Aloe vera and a few other plants. I have built the last obelisk for my Goji plant, I am going to look up the care of this fruit plant, I would love to harvest fruit at some point. All I have to do now is pot on the blueberries, a friend is brings around some compost, which will be better than the stuff I have.
Last night I planted out all my French Marigolds and loads of veg seedlings, this morning they all look good.
Later we are having a BBQ, and tomorrow we will get our garden gates, and then a BBQ lunch at a friends house.
Life is so much more fun in the sunshine.
Next weekend is a long Bank Holiday, I have Monday and Tuesday off, and on Monday I abseil down The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, and in some scary sick way I am getting excited about it and raising some cash for our local hospital as a thank you for their care when I needed it.


  1. I love both the signs Marlene. They are great.


  2. Those signs are just adorable. And they are so you!
    Mini smiles, Conny

  3. Those signs are adorable . . the hubby did a great job.



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