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Monday, 26 May 2014

All over the place

It's raining as fore caste, steady rain, good for the garden, looking so very green.
 Oldest daughter Fliss has had a sort out, which means new books for me, I have kept what I like the rest will go to a charity shop. I also was given some blue and green glass pots, I have sneaked them in without hubby seeing, some things just need to happen.
 On Saturday I purchased this Maidenhead fern, I always love these, this is a small one, they do get big, it is on my desk a very sunny spot, I love to watch plants grow. Do you like my cows, the big one is solar powered, and glows at night.
 Stitching is coming along, just about to start the third brown section, I added the green to balance colours and I think it looks good, I will use the green again, this is a stunning design, but I do like my colour.
We are home this morning, at 3pm I will be in Portsmouth, feeling OK at this point, still have to face the step off the edge of the building for the abseil, but it is for a good reason, and another off my bucket list.
I will have to starting thinking about the next challenge.
Yesterday was fun with both daughters, they had the old photo albums out and loads of laughter, Facebook is full of these photo's. It is always a joy to look back on hair styles and fashion.
That's it off to stitch, nothing much to do for the next couple of hours.


  1. Wonderful progress Marlene.


  2. A rainy day is a good day to organize inside while the garden grows outside. Your cows made me smile.



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