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Friday, 1 July 2011


 It's TUSAL time again

I have been busy last month, most of the colours come from my heart I am stitching,
My big jar is also looking good,all my threads are pushed down, 
so I should have enough room for the rest of the year.

I have finished all the cross stitch on my heart, which I have named Devon, you can see in my stitching, rolling hills, sand, sea, a sunset, beautiful wild flowers, and for a bit of fun, deck chair material. I now want to add more and give it depth, I tried some silk flowers last night, but did not like them, so it's back to design, you know where my mind will be today.

It's another sunny day here, with another promise of a good weekend. 

But work today and afterwards a very sad visit, my neighbour Barb is in hospital and I will visit today, we don't expect her to come back home, so it's going to be a sad goodbye.

No other plans for the weekend it's going to be a see how it goes one, but I will find time for stitching, my mojo is back!!

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