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Monday, 25 July 2011

Sunday afternoon

 Josh wanted to go for a bike ride yesterday, and locally we have the perfect weekend spot.

This beautiful lake is 25minutes drive from our house, it is on a big estate filled with office blocks, but at the weekend when everyone is home with their families, it's the perfect quiet spot. Josh riding his bike, does not like having his photo taken so I have to be sneaky.

 Sammy spent most of his time with Grancha or daddy, I don't mind, I get all the brilliant smiles as well, he loves my chain and pendant. I got to spend time chatting with Fliss, catching up on everything, plus a bit of gossip. We walked around the lake twice and once around a smaller lake, every thing here is man made, and so perfect, we passed families with picnics and loads of happy children. It's so great to hear Fliss is feeling so much better, finally having found out she has an allergy to wheat, she has stopped eating wheat and almost instance she is back being our happy smiley Fliss, and losing a few pounds each week.

 After our walk, a pub garden and a needed cool drink, I love this photo of Josh, Sammy and daddy, another sneaky one, here we were sat near water, all made safe with high fences and mesh covers over the water.
I did manage to get some stitching done, this section is going to be alot of stitching, but it's quick and easy and it does look fantastic. I have ordered the silks I need for the carpet, just waiting for the parcel, should be here later this week.


  1. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. That does look like the ideal spot to go bike riding and maybe even a picnic. :)
    Your stitching looks fabulous too. Can't wait to see more progress.
    Have a fabulous week.

  2. You look to have been lucky with the weather as well as having a great day out.

    You are really getting along well with your stitching. Looking forward to seeing your next lot of progress.



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