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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Better late than never

 As with everyone else, it's my turn for the Blogger bug,  
this is my third attempt, so fingers crossed.

We had a brilliant break, and decided on a quiet weekend at home, 
Saturday night we went on a wine tasting night out, with a lovely meal after.
Sunday was so great we went for a ride on the bike, top photo is Kev's bike,
we almost always stop at this bikers cafe, along with loads of other bikers.

I have done more stitching on my heart, I post a photo in my next blog, I have also done loads of gardening, harvest my first crop of parsnips and carrots. so things are going good out there.

Today(Wednesday)  I have a day off, just going in to spend the day with Fliss and Sammy, and Josh after school. It's a perfect day, after yesterdays thunder storms, we are hoping to have some stitching time, and loads of playing with grandson's time.

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  1. Great bike photos Marlene! Hope you had a nice day with the family on Wednesday.



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