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Friday, 22 July 2011

On top of it all

 I am now stitching the top panel on the sampler, I decided not to stitch the grandchildren names until I have almost finished, just in case I hitch them whilst stitching other area's, and as always I never take the simple route.
I have loads of books with different styles for letters, but I loved the style I have used, it was a quote on another piece of work, there was no capital J so I have had to make mine up, I am pleased with the results.   I want loads of colour in the four outside panels, I have loads of bright areas, so I wanted the background here to be pale.
I have 7 colours to use in this panel, I am doing three rows and then eight rows and then back to three row, so as the pattern goes on, each time one colour is stitched ie PINK, it will be in a thin panel and then next time it will show in a fat panel but I have alot of stitching to do!

I am also going to make another rug, I have 200 followers on my blog Somerset House, so I decided to make the 200th follower a gift, Christine has decided which design she wants and I am pleased it a pattern I love.


  1. Looking forward to seeing your sampler complete and also looking forward to seeing Christine's rug :)

  2. Your progress on your family sampler is looking brilliant Marlene. Have a lovely weekend!



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