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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Stitch after stitch

I am really in the groove with my stitching, it helps I'm doing a simple background pattern

Top photo is from Sunday, I managed to do alot after my brother, Martin had left, I needed to sit after such a busy weekend, and my needle swam through the cloth.
 Below is from last night I have added the last colour for Logan, I think the colours all blend well. As I am stitching the design for the centre is growing in my head, I will be ready to start once this is finished, I want to add buttons and beads and make it all about my stitching.

Yesterday was very interesting in work, I was in the repairs unit, learning about all that goes in CCTV equipment and a bit about what can go wrong, I had a great time playing with 16 camera's and watching everyone working in the warehouse.
We have nothing planned for this week, the weather is hot and by the time we get home from work all we want to do is sit in the cool. It would be nice to go for a nice walk to the water front.

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  1. FAVOR TIME . . . . . Could you post a picture of the whole sampler? Whenever I see a pix of it show up on my dashboard I can't wait to see what everything looks like. Kind of like waiting for the next installment of a TV show I really like =)



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