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Friday, 15 July 2011

What is Friday night

 Friday night's are heaven, this is ours tonight, no pub with friends we are off to a birthday party tomorrow night. A good start is a glass of wine with our meal, always red and always shared. Music is fun, often the radio or Cd's. Laughter and fun together just the two of us.

Kev my hubby is cooking, we are having risotto, with a great Spanish smoky bacon and tomato bread. I love rice dishes, but we are so lucky to have such a huge range of different foods from different cultures. Kev loves to mix flavours and create stunning meals.
 Grace is always in as I get home from work, a welcome, she is looking for a lap to snuggle on.

 My chair, with my sewing box and all my silks stored in the drawers beside me, tho no stitching tonight, not if I am going to have a glass of wine, or the frog will be out tomorrow. This is one of my comfort zones in this house.

 I have finishes the 4 boxes for the grandchildren names, and I have done the edged, all I have to do now is put their names and their date of birth, again I am so happy with the way this has turned out. it's a great burst of colour.

 I have been asked to show the whole sampler again,  the white spaces are getting less and my stitching is filling more canvas, the more I add the more I love it.
The title of this sampler is simply "2011", I will have that in the bottom box with my name in the top box. The box/panel on the left will be all about this year being our 25th wedding anniversary. I have ideas, but once I look to stitch there, things will change they always do. Next I want to sew more in the centre panel all to do with my sewing, top right is going to be buttons, beads and shinny things, top left is going to be stitches.

So enjoy your Friday night, what ever your are doing and 
remember Friday is the welcome mat to your weekend.


  1. Your sampler takes my breathe away. I love a sampler that tells a story.

    Thanks for posting the sampler for me.

  2. Your sampler looks beautiful. All that background getting covered so well.

    Happy stitching to you



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