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Sunday, 31 July 2011


 It's that time of the month again, and I'm please to have a full ORT pot, 
I had to pat them down a bit.

My girls wanted to get in on the action, they have seen other photo's with interesting accomplishes, so they sneaked in, they live on my desk all near to my screen, I did not know they had been watching! My "big" jar is 3/4 full, I have pushed all the threads down, I hope to have enough to stuff my 1st heart I make next year.
 We cut our Magnolia tree earlier this year, something neither of us had done before, I treated it like a shrub, and cut it back to shape, and in the past few weeks it has bloomed for the second time.
 Kev and I are both very happy, we love this tree and now it back being the right size for our small garden. All our new planting  is behind in our garden, which I'm OK with, just means we will have  them later this month and in September.
I am busy stitching the small rug for Christine, and thanks I love stitching this, I must confess I have also been doing some of my family sampler, just can't keep away from that one.

Yesterday, Su, Gav and Shannon popped in, Shannon has her 4th birthday on Thursday, we had a cake and pop, Shannon had loads of presents, it was fun, they then went to her nanny's house for more fun.
This afternoon we are with friends at another BBQ, I love catching up at weekends, the chatter, laughter, and a raid on the garden for cuttings!!

I hope you have sunshine and laughter,where ever you are

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