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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

A finish, a WIP and a beautiful sunset.

 Devon is finished, I did want to add more, but nothing looked right.

 I have added beads in the six flowers, and used RG treasured braids, over the flowers in the green section, I am going to make this into another hanging heart, with the green enamelled heart I made hanging from the top. I need to purchase some hanging ribbon for this.

 I did put Winter Watergarden back in the frame, but got nowhere with it, I am still at part three and it's just not calling to me, so Family sampler is back in. I have finished the bottom of Thomas, I just now need to add the rails, which I will use a shinny thread. I am then adding sewing items around the centre space, I already have loads of patterns, it's just deciding which to use.

 Friday evening, Kev and I went for a walk along the beach, 
we stayed later than normal and I got this fantastic shot,

I'm off work today, I have picked up a tummy bug, yesterday was quiet bad, today I feel better, but not good enough to go to work. I hope to stitch this afternoon, it's also Grace's birthday, she is 6 today, wanted to take her photo this morning, but she is off out and I could not see her.

Heart is on 25 hpi, using 2 threads of DMC silks (floss), with the size if 15cm x 16 cm, 
110 x 125 rows


  1. Have I asked this before . . . I think so, but I shall ask again, just in case I didn't . . .what material did you use for your heart? Did you do it as cross stitch or as needlepoint?

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon. Your heart is lovely and the sampler is coming along nicely :)



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