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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Getting ready

 In September we will celebrate 25 years of marriage, we are going to our local church for a blessing, same church Su and Gav were wed in last year.  Afterwards, we are having a garden party, we wanted something different than a big party, so we have chosen favorite family and friends to share our day.
Above is the card I created, I tried to keep it similar to our wedding theme, and below I thought I would show you a few of our wedding photo's. Below with my beautiful young daughters, who both have grown into beautiful young woman, Fliss my eldest daughter, you might know through "Joshy & Belle" blog site.
 I love the movement in this photo, oh to be young again.

It was a strange weekend, we had no internet, so I got on with my cards, Saturday we popped into see Joshy, he was having a bowling party with his school friends, it was an early birthday treat, 12 younsters all having fun, and a grandson with a huge smile on his face. Sammy just wanted his cuddles with Grancha, Sunday I was very tired, so no stitching at all.

Work is very busy at this time, I had a agument with my boss on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, so whilst he is not getting at me the office is very quiet, I'm struggling at the mo, don't have a reason why, but most things have become a chore, the rainy weather does not help. My mum would tell me to snap out of it, but at best I keep my head down and get on with things.


  1. How exciting to be planning an anniversary party. 25 years is awesome, congrats to you both.

  2. Keep ur pecker up and as nan would say get on with it xxxxx



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