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Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday morning update

I changed my mind again, as I often do

I decided I would do the grand children's section, I sat and designed this, well I made it up as I went along, top blue is for Joshua, with pink for Shannon, I will do the same blue below for Sammy, they have the same colour because they are brothers, and below that I would put another blue block, but a different shade. I will add their names and date of birth. I want to put some babies hands and feet around this area, then this side is finished. The photo below was taken at the start of my stitching last night, the one above was at the end of the evening.
We have a busy weekend coming up, my brother Martin is with us, which means laughter, red wine and loads of fun!! and extra children and grandchildren over.

Tomorrow is an important morning for me, it's my first hair cut with my new curly hair, it's a year ago I last went, I will post photo's after my cut, my hair is still very short, but it needs a tidy up, and  a style which allows me to dry it straight, can't get used to curly hair.

Sunday we are sorting all our plans for our garden party in September for our 25th wedding anniversary, we hope to have a blessing at our local church before.


  1. The sampler is beautiful:) Hope you have a nice weekend - sounds as though you will and Happy 25th Anniversary :)

  2. A hair cut! Woohoo! You've come a long way since last year when we first met!

    Love the sampler - and your idea for the kids' names - awesome.



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