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Thursday, 17 February 2011

A finish, WIP and my family sampler

I have finished Teddies, all I have now to do is stitch it into a cushion, that's a task for tomorrow, I will also make Palace Guard into a cushion. I did not do all the back stitch, I like just having the teddies and a few other items finished this way.

I have decided to work some more on sleeping cats, I have filled in mum cat's ears and done some more on her face. I will work on this tonight and hope to have loads more done. I will stitch on my sampler on our Friday night stitch along, I had added a sunflower, but I don't like the finished look, so I need to rip it out. Fliss has also lent me a Peter Rabbit pattern to go on the sampler, Su whilst growing up collected everything she could of Beatrix Potter.

Last month I saw this design as a "coming next month", so I have had to wait until the magazine was published, I want to make a cushion, we have a magnolia tree in our garden, and after I make this I will place it on our sofa, by the patio doors. I love the colours in this piece, I must be changing, normally I do not stitch pinks or reds.

I had a great day yesterday with Fliss , Josh and Sam,we went shopping, but not for craft, and I did not do much stitching.

Kev is playing golf and will be home at lunch time, so I won't be stitching any today, I have one task for him. But as it is a sunny day, we are hoping to go for a nice walk, maybe down to Portchester Castle, with a coffee on the way home.

My garden is cat free, the nets have stopped them, and as a result they do not come into our garden so much, as I type Grace is sleeping in the sun, we have birds and squirrels back using the feeders, so I am happy again.


  1. Lovely finish , looking forward to seeing the cushions . XX

  2. Congratulations on finishing the teddies. It is gorgeous.

    Lovely progress on the cats.

  3. Teddies looks great - can't wait to see your pillows! HAve a good time with Kev when he gets home!

  4. I am so happy that you have your animals back inyour garden an the neighbor cats are gone.

    Momma cat looks nice . . . I am anticipating seeing her finished.

  5. Wow, great works! Love the Magnolia colourway!

  6. The teddies look gorgous and looking forward to seeing the magnolia project shaping up as that looks stunning! Hope you had a nice day shopping? The birds are back 'tweeting' on a morning here too(yes spring is almost here)!!

  7. The teddies look awesome! Congrats!

    The magnolia pattern looks lovely. Can't wait to see it stitched up.



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