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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Typical February Saturday

I have not done much stitching on Teddies this week, I have had a bit of a cold, but I am feeling better today, and I have been stitching my sampler which is an easier pattern, so there fore I have less chance of going wrong.
I have just the top area to finish, and back stitch the green area's to make them look like branches off a tree.
I was very happy, once I stitched the green boarder, I now have the size of my sampler, the patchwork is the bottom right, I still have the bottom left to do.
Connie has sent me a pattern of two mice for me to stitch, which is a lovely RAK, so at sometime soon, I hope to start this project. I am also waiting for the silks and beads to arrive for Winter Watergarden, I have 2 out of the 12 parts ready for stitching, so already I'm on catchup.

Here are signs of our garden waking up, the snowdrop above is one on many bulbs we planted in September, I keep loads of bark on my gardens, it stops the weeds and a added bonus is the neighbours cats don't go on it. Below is spring flowers in our front garden, I love primroses it's another sign of spring coming. Our flower gardens now have netting over them, which keeps the cats away.

Last night we had friends over to watch the rugby, England v Wales, out of six of us Kev is the only Welshman, he got alot of teasing. It was a fun evening, and as a result, I now know what to do with Palace Guard, my friend Jeanette loved it, so I will make a small cushion for her bed. I am trying to get both friends stitching, last night I gave them each a small kit, fingers crossed, they might enjoy it.

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  1. Your teddies are cute and the flowers are beautiful!



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