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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

New start

Yesterday I made my last two projects into cushions, Palace Guard I am giving to a friend, she loved it when she saw it, Teddies will go on my spare bed, it is a Christmas design, but it is too lovely to be packed away most of the year. I am cross with one thing, I used a new bottle of fraycheck on each corner, and for the first time it has dried and left a marks, typical!

I have done some more on sleeping cats, the ginger kitten is coming along well, this is a hard piece because there are so many different shades of the same colour, but on the plus side if I do have a stitch out of place, you would not know, I think most of it is where is should be.
Last night I started a small project, I have wanted a tigerskin rug for my dolls house for ages, so here are the first few stitches, I have taken the pattern from Janet Granger's carpet pattern book.
Today I'm out to visit my niece and her son Riley, Fliss is still away, but tonight Kev is out so I will stitch all evening.

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  1. Love your cushions Marlene.

    Nice progress on the cat and look forward to seeing more of your new start:)

  2. Oh a quiet time at your house tonight! Hope you enjoyed your visit out!

    The cushions are pretty. Did you cut the fabric and then place the stitching? I like the way it finishes out! And the cats are coming to life!

  3. The cushions look great! How did you stitch them? It looks like you cut out the middle...and...?

  4. Love the cushions!
    I agree the teddies are too nice to pack away.

    Great progress on the cats!

    I am looking forward to seeing the tigerskin rug finished. :)

    Happy Stitching

  5. Could you possibly stitch buttons on the corners to hide the fraycheck marks? After all that work, it would be annoying to see it. I don't think matching buttons would look all that out of place



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