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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Watching paint dry

We are having a stay at home weekend with no visitors, Kev is enjoying time on the net, he can lose himself on there all day. Me I am doing craft, mainly on my dolls house, hence the title, I'm waiting for paint to dry and glue to set, before I can do some more. If you are interested you can read more here

As you can see I have done a little more on sleeping cats, I did stitch last night, but we shared a bottle of wine, so I packed it away, before I started making mistakes. This morning we popped to Hobbycraft for some silks, I paid 85p each,which is not cheap anymore, so Kev looked and found on ebay the following seller who discounts her prices and allows you to chose your colours.
I have a question, does anyone use the plastic snap together frames to hold their work, I was looking at them today, I would like to purchase one, but as they are new to me, your comments would help me choose.

Grace is enjoying our stay at home weekend too.


  1. I have 1 oval plastic hoop, and maybe a round one hidden away somewhere. I like the oval when I need to hold material very tight

    But, alas, I am a wooden hoop girl I like the feel and look of the old soft hoops when I am working on something

    By the way, I am cordially inviting you, and any of your followers, to visit the new cross stitch blog I started It's called "It's a Smalls World" and is for all of those small things you have made and finished and want to show others There are several online now, but they are all closed to new members

    Anyway, the address is: http://cross-stitch-smallsblogspot.com

    Let me know what you think:0}

  2. Both DMC & Anchor threads are 85p per skein. I may have a plastic frame you can have. Email me your address
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Hi, I use Q-Snaps for some linen projects especially the large projects. You can roll up your linen and cover them it with cloth covering to keep your work clean. My new favorite hoop is by Hardwick Mannor. The 5/8 hoops are so sturdy. I also bought some of the smaller ones and they are working just fine. Here is a shop in the US that sells the hoops. They are imported from Europe so you should be able to find them somewhere closer to home.


  4. Great progress on the cats.

    Grace looks very cozy and warm!

    Oh wow! I love your doll's house.
    My mum is bringing me up my doll's house kit that we collected over the years for me to make up. But I don't think it goes into the same amount of detail that your's does.

    Happy Stitching



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