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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Grace is here

I have had a couple of busy days, but managed to do some stitching last night. I found a pattern for a tabby cat, and I have added the ginger and green eyes, to make it look like Gracy, so she is now on my sampler.

I have also started the Guardsman again from Palace Guard, I am only having the guard, so I am stitching all I can from the pattern and then I will add all the parts to finish him, I will put a green and white plume on his hat to make him a Welsh Guard.

Kev had a very busy day in the garden, he muttered all the time whilst digging a small garden and planted three twigs (raspberry canes to you and I), the space in front is for strawberries.
Kev also made me a taller frame for my small veg plot, did you notice the netting on the above garden, it all keeps the neighbours cats from digging.

I did not spend my time watching Kev work, I spent yesterday shampooing carpets, our other neighbour, Win who lives alone is 94 and is very independent, she had a fall in the week in her house, so I had my Vax out and did her carpets and rugs, so today I am feeling sore all over, but it was worth it. I did not want to see her trying to clean her carpets by hand.

Win is Ok, she has cut her leg, but is getting about OK, we will all keep an eye on her.

Today is wet, so not sure what we are going to do, I would like to try and do more on my sampler, finish the guard.


  1. Your family sampler is intriguing - can't wait to see your progress on such a personal piece.

  2. Grace looks lovely - in fact it all looks good. Can't get over how quick you are! Hope your neighbour is okay - she's lucky having people like you as neighbours :)



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