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Friday, 25 February 2011

Feeling foolish

I won Connies giveaway on her blog Remake Remix Reuse I loved the pincushion she had made with a magnet on the bottom, I even brought some new pins to use with it. But as usual, when the large parcel came, it was full of other delights, two books, I love your American designs, Connie I have loads of stitching planned and you have now added three other projects. A bead and a ribbon kit, needles, beautiful materialand two scissor fobs, and a doll, who has wandered into Somerset house and she refuses to come out!
Thank you Connie for you kindness

I have done more on my rug, but it is going to be to big for my small study, so I will finish it and use it as part of a giveaway on my other blog, I will tell you more about that next Monday. As soon as I finish this rug I will stitch another on 32hpi, which should give me the size I require.
As for my title, I am feeling very foolish, I told you about a shop where I could get DMC silks cheaper, so I got together with Fliss and we have ordered 60 colours, I will have enough silks for my next two big projects, but why did I not think, do I have enough to finish this rug, I am running out of two colours and have to pop out to buy them, my local shop is 30mins driving away.
A quick photo of our magnolia tree in the back garden, it full of pink buds, along with snowdrops, crocus and daffodils in bud, it does look as if spring is on its way, the ice queen is losing her grip on the land. Yesterday was a sunny day, it was a joy to be able to spend time in the garden.
I hope what ever you have planned for this weekend, you enjoy yourselves.


  1. Nice win!

    That tiger rug is so cute :o)

    Oh, magnolia flowers! They are so pretty. We still have a few months to wait :o(



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