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Monday, 7 February 2011

A little bit more

We had a very busy weekend, and not alot of stitching was done, but I did manage to finish the 3rd patchwork square on my sampler, just one left to do, I am changing the colours of the last square, the original pattern was for 9 squares I'm just using 4, so I want to keep the same patterns running through all of them.

On Saturday we popped to Su and Gav's flat they have been decorating, Su has always been a fun go out girl, so it's great to see her becoming a home maker.
On Sunday, Fliss, Steve, Josh and Sam came here for a visit. Josh was busy on his DS, at 5 he now loves games, Sonic and Super Mario being his favorite. Sam was a good boy, Kev and I had loads of cuddles. Fliss was looking very well, as was Steve.

Below is a photo of Josh at Su's wedding last August,
I love him here, he is so cute.

This is my favorite photo of Su,
it better than the glamour shots she had done
A perfect bride.

Fliss hates having her photo taken, so can't show you my other beautiful daughter, but we want to try and get a family photo of them all.

On a real high note, my hair has started growing back, it's about 1/2" and there is alot of grey, which I don't remember having before. At home I have stopped wearing my wig, can't wait for a visit to the hairdressers to be pampered, but that's a few months away yet.


  1. I thought mine was came through grey but it isn't its the baby hair, then after that it will come through normal
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Your daughter is beautiful!! Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. The photos are fab and the sewing is just beautiful. Glad about your hair - it sometimes grows curlier too!

  4. Beautiful pics of your family, and so happy for you about your hair. Your family sampler is going great!

  5. Lovely pics! My girl's event was today, pictures are posted if you'd like to stop by & see. This was definitely an emotional journey for us :) Hugs



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