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Thursday, 10 February 2011

More Patchwork

I have finished the final patchwork square for my sampler, most of the colours I placed myself, I did not want to add any more colours.
Below I have folded the sampler in the middle so you can see all four corners together. I will use the green silk to block the outer sections.

Below the teddie I am going to put our grandchildren's names, all four of them, and below that I am going to put some toys. On the other side I am going to put our names, our wedding date and something because it's our 25th wedding anniversary this year, below that I will put things which both Kev and I love, I am going to stitch the Welsh Guard, from Palace Guard again.
At the top I will sew loads of flowers with " How does your garden grow" and at the bottom I will put my name and the date.

Those who know me, will know this could change at any time, but that's how I see it at this point, as for the centre, I will make plan's once I have completed the outer sections.

But for now I am putting this down, I have to finish my teddies, just an afternoon's work to do, it's not going to become a WIP with so little to do on it.

Stitch details, worked on 28 evenweave , all stitched with a single DMC silk. The outer panels are 64 sts wide. The green boarder is stitched with two threads. The centre size will be decided by the design placed there.


  1. I love the teddy he goes well with the patchwork corners
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. You have probably posted this but I can't remember so i shall ask . . what count is your material ad what are the dimensions?

  3. Marlene this looks beautiful and the colours are just gorgous.



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