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Thursday, 20 February 2020

New start

I have loads of knitting to do, so why then have I started another pair of socks. Red and slate grey, these are men's sized and will be another Christmas gift, I don't need a pattern any more so they are for me simple to knit. 
 I have started reading this book recommended to me, I've not found it a great start, but I am starting to 'enjoy' it. Can you enjoy a story like this, it's a good read. 
 Checking in the greenhouse, 
no storm damage done to structure, all glass panels still secure. 
Most of my plants in the dry river bed are looking good, I have one which needs protection, it looks as if water has been dripping on it, not good, but it's still alive, so there is hope. 
So many flowers on this plant. 
My chicken will go back outside once summer is here. 
 The huge bulb in the center has shot up, this pot is at the back of the garden, soon I will move it to the front, so we can see the progress of the plants. I won't move it until after the high winds drop, I don't want the plant to be damaged, in this spot it's sheltered. 
The weather has forced us to be inside far more than normal, I do manage a walk around the garden, and short time in the greenhouse. We do love to sit inside in the warm and dry and look out on our garden, we feed birds, so there is always something to watch. I also manage to do loads of crafting and reading, I really can't sit and do nothing.
I make loads of mental notes at this time of year, looking for bare patches, I have already dug out an old holly and rose bush, and replaced with a Peony, I would like some more snowdrops, after saying they had not come back, I now notice some growing, they are just later to shoot and flower.
My herb garden is not as productive as I would like, I'm not going to change it, I love seeing the herbs, the design has loads of slate around the plants, and I could plant more herbs, but I do like the space between the plants, I think I need to replace a couple of aging plants.
I am truly pleased with my fruit pots, I had a decent harvest last year, I have loads of small pots dotted in this area with spring bulbs in, later I will put out my decorations, animals ect.
I was pleased with my side bed last year, I am hoping I will just have a few gaps to fill in the summer.
The big raised bed infront of the greenhouse has not been changed, just as I planned to lower the height, I noticed the bulbs showing so it has been left, I will fill it with colour, I have some Dahlias to plant.
I only have 3 small pots at the side of the house to fill, they have winter pansies in at the moment, and they still look good. Soon I will start the marigold seeds for the old strawberry tubs, I always grow them from seed, I will also sow parsley and coriander seeds.


  1. One thing about this weather is that it gives you time to sit and plan your garden for the year ahead. I've been the same just lately, itching to cast on something new, but I'm managing to hold off for now until I get other things finished. Do persevere with the book, I found it a really easy read, it's the best book I've read for a long time.

  2. I've not read this one but have seen good reviews. I read The Tattooist of Auschwitz and as you say you feel its wrong to say you enjoyed it but it was a good read. I find socks are such an easy knit and invariably have a pair on the needles.


  3. Lovely to sit and plan the garden then be able to go out and complete the thoughts. I´m like you, can´t sit and do nothing have to have something on the go. Enjoy your book xcx

  4. I love how you make use of your greenhouse all year, it's looking good :-)

  5. I do like the red and grey together in the socks.

    Your plant pot looks very colourful.

    All the best Jan

  6. Sounds like you have been having fun making garden plans. I imagine you will be so glad when spring arrives and you can start putting them into practice.

  7. I saw that book at the library and wondered if it would be a good read. I found the Tattooist very emotional to read.
    Always nice to see what you have been up to in the garden and hear of your upcoming plans.



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