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Saturday, 1 February 2020

How is it going ?

I love lemon sherbets, I always have some in this jar, just a little treat, but since the beginning of the new year I have resisted. I did stop buying them but then hubby got me 2 packs before Christmas, the 2nd pack is unopened and in my drawer.
I am feeling pleased with myself, I have lost weight, I have stopped regularly snacking and cut down my portion size, there is still room for me to cut back, but I would rather do this slowly and eat well.
I am wearing a pair of jeans I purchased last year, the waist got a bit tight, but now it's comfortable again, I love markers like this, it give me a real boost.
I have been out a few times, lunch out, coffee with friends and a Christmas get together with neighbours, which was delayed because of ill health, all of which I have manage, even had a couple glasses of wine. My sister and her partner stayed for a weekend, by planning these events, I can decide what to eat and drink and put it as part of my plan, I am not counting calories, or any normal diet 'things'.
I did have a bad few days middle of the month, I was feeling down, so instead of keeping to the eating less I allowed myself some treats, helped myself to feel better and get back on my path to losing weight.
I attended the 2nd Diabetes club, we are still looking at the why, rather than how to change, I have learnt how I find myself here, when I eat such a healthy diet, low fat, salt and sugar.

Results on the scales matter, and as you can see by my BMI, it has dropped a little, I reached my own target and have set another for this coming month, so February will be more the same, I also plan to walk again more often and for longer, having found my fitbit for counting steps.


  1. Oh well done, it takes some doing but the results are rewarding, but I do agree with you that sometimes that little treat keeps you on target. Hopefully with Spring coming it will help with your walking xcx

  2. Well done. Slow and steady is just perfect.

    God bless.

  3. Well done on all the positive changes in your diet and weight. Such a boost and a great start to the New Year.

  4. I wish I could lose weight.I eat very healthily,don't snack or eat cakes or sweets.It is the glass of wine in the evening that is my downfall but I need it at be moment with all that is going on.

    1. I should have done this last year, but I was not ready, and would have failed, life does get in between our plans.

  5. Well done. Keeping it slow and steady, healthy eating and moderate exercise, allowing for a treat to look forward to is the best way to go. John has piled on a few pounds over Christmas and New Year, but he's getting back into better eating and exercise again too. Best, Jane x

  6. It sounds like this approach is making having good results for you, Marlene, and that you feel better within yourself. Just keep noticing those small changes in the fit of your clothes, how your body feels healthier, how good you feel after a walk etc. and that will motivate you to keep on going. MegXx

  7. Well done! Sadly I've actually gained a few pounds but am trying to drink a lot more water so will blame it on that :)

  8. Sounds like you are doing great Marlene :)

  9. Well done on the weight reduction, I 'm still struggling to loose but I won't give up! Thank you for the comment on my blog, a mum's hanky was always useful!

  10. Big well done, you've done so well.
    I don't stop myself having anything, just plan better.
    I hope you have found the sessions interesting.

  11. You're doing really well, well done for making those changes. Snacking between meals and portion sizes are my downfall too. I agree that you have to have a treat every now and then, I think it keeps you on track if you have something to look forward to every once in a while.

  12. So pleased you are doing well.
    Happy February Wishes …

    All the best Jan



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