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Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Today is Will's 3rd birthday, how quickly did those years pass, we popped over for cake on Monday evening, as Will was at nursery all day Tuesday. Mummy and daddy took him to the Science exhibition at Winchester, for the day, which he loved. They had lunch out and back home to open presents, he loved the police outfit and kept it on for the rest of the day. We all loved his cake, it was fire themed, he loved Fireman Sam as well.
George is growing so fast, he is 12 weeks old, he still looks very small, most people think he is only a month old, we had loads of cuddles and smiles from him.
It was a perfect finish to a busy day, we did some shopping at B&Q and home bargains, it was good to get out of the house, hubby was needing to go out, he had been decorating last week and then the wet weekend kept him inside. The decorating is not finished we ran out of paint, it's not sold any more in store, we did purchase it 2 years ago, but hubby found some online so it should be delivered this week, just 1 wall to finish.
Today I am having coffee with the sign ladies, it's in our neighbour Chris's house, which is just across the road, so no driving.


  1. Happy birthday to Will. You're right, those three years have passed by so fast, and now another lovely baby boy in the family, I'm sure the next three will pass by in a blur too.

  2. Happy Birthday to Will. Your first photo is delightful ... it's really captured his excitement.

  3. Little boys are so adorable, lucky you. Happy Birthday to Will.
    I hope you get your decorating finished soon. I hate painting!

  4. Happy birthday to Will, such wonderful photos capturing the moment. They do grow so quickly xcx

  5. Such lovely photographs.
    Many Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Will.

    All the best Jan



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