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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Hunker down.

10th book this year, I really could not put it down, it has been recommended by loads of people, and I totally agree with them, a brilliant read. 
 I am at the toe shaping of my 1st pair of Christmas socks, these are for a size 11 feet, I love the colours, I am making striped socks this year.

 My cardigan is growing, I am working on the length, but I have also done loads on the sleeves, soon I will try it on and work out the final lengths, I always make the sleeves shorter to match my short arm length, making a knit down garment helps me get it perfectly right.

 I hope to make a start on Tilly soon, I am making her for a raffle prize at Easter, I will make her body 1st, I am using Drops cotton 4ply, I also hope to make a second set of clothes for a male rabbit, so suitable for a boy or girl. I am also making another small baby ripple blanket, so busy time. 
Love these knitted animals, 
they have a modern feel to them.
Friday was fun, we all met for coffee and a chat, afterwards I went to daughters house, my friend Shelia came as well, she had gifts for Will's coming birthday, which he opened, loads of musical instruments, we had fun singing and playing. Then my darling grandson did the toddler thing and changed from the little angle to a little devil, in a bat of an eyelid. Shelia and I popped out for lunch together before I returned to daughters house, Will was still having his terrible two's, but was better, I had a chat with daughter and cuddles and smiles with George. Later at home hubby cooked a nice steak meal with wine (no diet on Valentines day).
Today was a dry when I got up late at 10am, we walked to the local shops and then home for the rest of the day. Now the rain  is hammering down, with the wind so strong, we have no plans to go outside for the next couple of days. Plenty of reading and craft time.
We do realise we are truly lucky, we do live near the coast, but it's an inlet  by Portsmouth harbour and Gosport waterfront, any high tides and flooding never come close to our home, we get protection from the Isle of Wright. I hope you all stay warm and dry over this stormy weekend.


  1. I agree, The Tattooist of Auschwitz is a brilliant read, but I've just finished The Librarian of Auschwitz and it's even better, do look out for it, it's very sad but I'd definitely recommend it. Your knitting is going well, I'm on a bit of a go slow with my crafting at the moment but I'm sure it'll pick up again soon.

  2. Sounds like great crafting and reading weather! Stay safe and enjoy your weekend :)

  3. Your craft projects always look so cosy and adorable. Love the look of the knitted animal toys too. They do look modern. For example, the mouse has an uncanny resemblance to what Angelina Ballerina, might look like as a tween. ;)

  4. I must read that book. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Stay safe and warm.

    God bless.

  5. I think Tilly looks great, what a lovely raffle prize that will be.

    Stay safe in Storm Dennis.

    All the best Jan



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