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Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Getting on

I have not finished these, but I soon will be
 This yarn is beautiful to knit with
I made my 1st pair in blue 
 All planted up, just need loads of growth 
 Bird cage looking good
 Plants used
 Strawberries, growing new plants
 Succulents for next year
I am very pleased with my bird cage, I just require the plants to grow, I have noticed the price for cactus and succulents have risen in the past year, even the small pots are now £1 more, from £1.99 to now £2.99, it's the price of popularity. I have added my purchase to my stash list.
Sunday afternoon I spent a couple of hours in the greenhouse, I only require a couple of strawberry plants, the rest will be potted up to send to our local charity shop. I noticed when I walked past the CS, they only had a couple of my plants left, so they can make money, and I pass on the smaller plastic pots.
I did not finish my socks over the weekend, but I will have them done by this weekend. Then I will get going with sewing, I am going to cut some more items out, so I can have a good making day.
My ripple blanket is huge, I will have photos next time, Will loves my blanket, so when he is around I have to put it out of sight, I do have this blanket for him to play on.


  1. You're nearly there with the socks, you'll have them finished in no time. My socks have made an appearance this week, I try to last as long as I can before I'm back in them but the mornings have been so cold. My feet are nice and toasty now. The birdcage looks great.

    1. I'm not wearing socks as yet, but it won't be long before I will need them. I love wearing my sandals and having my toes out, and try to stay in them for as long as I can. But then I also love wearing my ankle boots.

  2. I've used that wool in the same colourway, it is nice to knit with and relatively cheap compared to some sock wool.
    I had some socks on last week, brrr it was cold in the mornings, but today the temps are up again and we've got some wonderful autumnal sunshine to come for the next few days (if you believe the weatherman!)

  3. Hi Marlene, just catching up on all your lovely photos and updates. Your plants all look so lovely - I wish we had more space, but sadly only a little outdoor balcony, that seems to do better when my 4 year old takes over the planting and I just watch!!
    I love the beautiful colours in your ripple blanket, how wonderful and cheerful. And the photos of your trips away are making me long to see the sea! Its turned much cooler and crispy here in the mornings but the skies are lovely and blue.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Those socks look amazing! Love the colours of the yarn you used. looking forward to new pics of your blanket.

  5. Love your bird cage, Marlene. Strawberry plants for the charity shop spunds like a great idea. Meg☺

  6. You have reminded me I have runners to take off the strawberry plants. I keep seeing those little cages at the car boots, perhaps I should buy one.



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