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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

October garden

In the second week of October, with blue skies and the promise of a warm sunny day, my garden is looking really good. After 9 years of work to shape it into our happy peaceful place, it's an enjoyable easy task to keep it as we like.
Don't you just love a line full of lovely white linen, drying under blue skies.
I am watching the weather, I have two pots which will winter in the greenhouse, they are both still out, so we can still enjoy the plants, there is plenty of room in the greenhouse.
We will soon cover the wooden table and chairs, they stay outside under cover all winter, it must work as the set is almost 20 years old.
As the temperatures drop the smells from the cat's in the summer house next door is not so ripe and I can work in the back corner. So this afternoon, I have very little to do, just pottering around enjoying the late blooms.
The fake grass has worked really well, it's been down for over a year, and our lawn has looked good the whole time, which helps keep the rest of the garden looking good. Plus I have the bonus of hubby not huffing and puffing to keep the lawn in perfect condition (is that a man thing). I know it's not the greenest route for the garden, but for us it works.
I have just a couple of small changes for next year, just small improvements, after all any garden is never finished.


  1. I love your grass, I'm contemplating it myself in the future. And I so jealous of your straight washing line. I have a whirligig and so wish I still had the straight line.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful, love like Tania I would love a long washing line.

  3. Your garden looks fabulous, so nice and tidy ... as I type this my hubby is at present mowing the lawns, front and back. Its a glorious sunny day here too.

  4. I think your garden looks great.

    All the best Jan



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