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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Back home

Read in the last week
starting from book 1
My garden is still full of colour
 Lovely late rose
 Side beds

 Back bed
 I have done most of my pots
I plan to let these Yew to grow into the shape of this small obelisk 
 Still a few daily raspberries
My Olives are almost ready to pick
I only have a few
I put this chilli plant outside the greenhouse
the last few peppers are turning red.
I have been in the garden for an hour each afternoon, and most of my pots are planted for winter and spring, I have just two left to do, but the plants in them are still blooming. I do have bulbs for the raised garden, that's on my list to do next week.
My harvest is now almost over, it has been a good year for so many plants. I have pruned most of my fruit bushes and added more compost, the blackberry is now cordened along the garage wall.
I love all the colour at this time of year, on the whole I am pleased with my garden, it's looking how I planned.
My raised bed in the greenhouse is good, the plants settled into their new home, Jayne asked if it was permanent, yes it is, I have so many succulents and cacti plants and they have space to be seen and grow. I will bring in my olive and kiwi soon, next year I won't grow tomatoes inside and use my greenhouse for my tender plants.
I have started packing away some of my metal birds, many of them look rusty, which I love, but I still like to protect them over winter. Next week I will put all my blue coloured ornaments into my now tidy shed.
I've not done much crafting, but I have cut a few things out ready for sewing, I plan to finish my socks over this coming weekend, on the whole I am feeling much better, the only sticking point is I don't really want to go from the house. This week I have made myself go out, sign class was good and a perfect place for me to feel good. I did go to our local library, where I am in process of becoming a volunteer for the craft groups.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely. I find that I have to push myself to go out too once the weather turns, it would be so easy to hibernate over the winter months but it just isn't good for us.

  2. It's always a bit of a sad time for me to think that the growing season is over for another year.

  3. I hope you meet lots of lovely people at the library craft group. We have two at ours, a knitting one and crafting one. Sometimes we just need to be in our 'safe environment' don't we.... I know that feeling well. don't force it, it'll come back when you are ready. take care xx

  4. Your garden looks lovely, so colourful still.

    All the best Jan



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