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Wednesday, 3 October 2018


A much cheaper month
My spending is really down, there is so little I want, gardening was bulbs, wool for the ripple blanket, and sewing was 3 Christmas tea towels from the Range, which I will sew into something new.
I am adding another list here for Christmas spend, not presents, but all the bits and bobs I pick up, decorations, hubby thinks I spend alot, but I will prove to him I don't.
We have had a really good month, hubby saved £32 on the house/contents renewal, and also got a £50 voucher for spending at the Co-op, which means with our points back we should have over £100 for December Christmas shopping locally in our Co-op, not the cheapest shop, but free food is still good. He is now looking at our TV and internet, which again has raised it prices.
I have spent no money on clothes again this month, and not purchased any shoes, it's the hardest time of year not to purchase shoes, we all love the sales, but I am determined to go the whole year without any new footwear.
Steps have been mixed, some day well over my target, then days I'm feeling blue very low steps, I'm not worried, we are healthy and whilst away we did loads of walking. We have not used our cycles much, but again, we will be out on them soon.
Waste in the house improves, we are now watching the packaging we buy and often decide not to buy, yogurts is a prime example, we have not purchased any for ages. Both our general and recycling bins are not as full as they used to be. In the garden I have strawberry plants in more small plant pots, these will be sent to charity shop when ready. I have also been using saved compost bags for the spent soil from pots, which can't go into our garden waste bag, so has to go in the rubbish bin.
We did have the cost of our recent break, but is was a Groupon (discount) deal, which included breakfast and evening meals, so basically the cost of the hotel and the traveling cost, a very cheap few days away.
On the down side, our heating was turned on today, on timed for mornings and evenings, we do not have a fireplace in our sitting room, we have an electric fake log burner, which is expensive to run. I do like to save money, but I will not be cold.


  1. My heating's been on for a while, I hate being cold. We've just negotiated a new deal with Sky for TV, broadband and telephone, it's ridiculous the amount they want to charge, we never pay it, we always ring up and they give us a deal. The house insurance is now due so we'll be shopping around for that and of course, my car insurance has now been cancelled so we'll be saving on that. I always dig my spent compost into the garden, it improves the soil and saves me having to dispose of it.

    1. I always overfill my pots and the compost is never worth putting on the garden, often with all the roots the compost comes out the shape of the pot, so I always throw away.

  2. Our heating has been on a few times now as like you I refuse to be cold. I bought a blouse and skinpant yhings in Sainbugs sale last week for half price -£9. I had forgotten the money off voucher so the lady on the till told me to bring it when I next visited and customer service gave me £9 in cash back!! The half price sale had started, and I had looked at these clothes before, so I really feel my waiting paid off. Will wait two weeks now as there is £12 off the next £60 shop and we will buy all our dry goods then.

  3. I don’t know if I dare keep track of my craft spending, but it would be good to have a better idea of what goes where and ways to try and save a bit more. No heating yet, but I can’t see it still being off by the weekend if it gets any colder xx

  4. Our internet/phone etc has just been hiked up again. But my gas/elec charges have stayed the same - we have coal fire and get free wood to that helps a lot especially this time of year when it warm some days and colder others.



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