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Monday, 15 October 2018

When it rains

I craft
 I wanted a bag for December, made from two tea towels
 Will loves his Easter bag, 
so here is one for Christmas, I used the 3rd tea towel and some Christmas fabric from my stash, I love these little bags. 
One sock knitting finished
 2nd sock, I still think these colours are bright
I finished knitting my first sock and did not want to stop knitting, so I started on the second sock, knitting one at a time means each sock is quick to knit. Later I will finish the toes and weave all the colour change ends.
I have been able to knit some of hubby's sock, but there is not much to show, so photo's another time, the finished pair will be put into his Christmas stocking, so a complete surprise for him.
I have also found out the pattern for a jumper for Will, I purchased wool earlier in the year, enough to make 2 jumpers, and hopefully a hat to match, which I not sure he will wear, we purchased him a hat with a tractor embroidery on, which he is wearing everyday.
As you can see the garden is now taking less of my time, these days we sit in our warm home and watch the birds come to the feeders, and enjoy what colour we have around our tiny plot. The weather is now true to the season, the temperature has dropped, we had huge amounts of rain on Sunday, so everywhere is still lush, but summer plants are now fading.
My sewing machine is out again, I do enjoy sewing, I did finish one other project, but I can't show it here yet.


  1. With Christmas just around the corner, that bag will come in handy! Well done on all your projects. :)

  2. You are doing so well with your sock knitting :-)
    Love the little bag too.
    We've had some heavy rainfall and it's been so windy my garden is covered in leaves but there is no chance of clearing them up until the weather clears, still quite warm here though so that's something. have a good week

  3. Love the Christmas bags, Christmas crafting seems to be starting up in earnest now that autumn's here. You're going to have your next pair of socks finished in no time, I think the fun thing with socks is that you can wear different colours to those you'd normally wear so I don't think they're too bright at all. I love the hand dyed yarn you chose, I've bought from Tamiwicolors before but I went for their strong sock base, not as soft as other hand dyed yarn I've bought but it's fine for feet and it does soften up a little when washed.

  4. Your Christmas bags are lovely, Marlene. I noticed some lovely Xmas fabrics in a shop on the weekend, all reds and whites and greens. I didn't get any fabric but I did buy some xmas ribbons. Meg:)

  5. Wow that was quick those bags were just tea towels last week! I should make some for our Church fund raising event for the CRISIS charity.

  6. Super bags as always. I have been making bags for a charity sale and have been gifted most of the fabric. However, the cost of thread is astounding me, and I am going through a lot at the moment. I like to make the handles too but people think I am too pernickety. I said thanks-confuses people when you bat back an intended critisism. I’m sure Will’s will be greeted with joy. I am also making some little bags because I remember how much my now grown up daughter loved a child sized bag.

  7. That is a good idea, tea towels come in lots of bright colours. I think that there are probably Facebook groups that do the very same thing, I will have a look.

  8. Those tea towels make such adorable bags!

  9. Very well done on all your crafting …

    All the best Jan

  10. The snowman bag is fabulous.
    Loving the pink socks, your feet will be nice and toasty warm in those.



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