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Sunday, 14 October 2018

In the pink

Brilliant read.
I am enjoying using 4DPN's and I never thought I would say that, now I have sorted my tension and I'm knitting tighter to the needles my finished knitting is looking good. This is my 3rd pair of socks and I really pleased with the heel, everything is looking tidy. I knew using the two colours would highlight any faults with my work, so I knitted without any distractions when I was home alone, and it worked.
In truth I'm not sure about the colours, I'm not a pink and red person, so if I can finish these as neat, they might become a gift for someone close.
I am also thinking of knitting my husband a pair of socks for Christmas, his shoe size is 11/12, which is huge, I have found a pattern and have wool, I just need to knit when he's not around.
I'm not reading much at the moment, I'm enjoying my crafting, well knitting.
More exciting these have just arrived, and they feel and look wonderful.


  1. I've never knitted co-ordinating heels/toes, I really must give it a go. DPN's are my preferred needles, once you get the hang of holding them its a doddle.
    Nice new stash.
    My DH prefers a rib pattern and likes the Blueberry Waffle pattern from Ravelry in his wellie boots, they are a 6 ply weight yarn and knit up very quickly.

  2. I’ve never tried making socks and seeing all those needles looks so complicated, it’s making a lovely neat sock though xx

  3. Pink is my favourite colour !

    All the best Jan



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