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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Under glass

So it's raining outside
not storms just that relentless rain. 
 Greenhouse tidy
 Both sides
 Growing for inside for December
 My stash of plastic pots
Reused pots ready to go.
After a late morning, both hubby and I were exhausted after our visit to Somerset, I know the past couple of months have caught up with us, so a lazy weekend at home.
I wanted to clean inside my greenhouse before I started putting my tender plants back inside, so I cleared the left side, moved the staging outside, cleaned the potting bench and the second bench moved them from the right to the left side, I then brought the cleaned staging in on the right. I had planned to change things around in there, so plants would be warm and dry this winter.
I have left outside all my plastic pots, hoping the rain will clean them off, my stash is not too large, the smaller pots, I regularly fill with small cutting and babies from my bigger plants, the 7 plants above are ready to go to our local charity shop, once gone I can plant some strawberry babies, I have loads, once they are ready they too will go to the charity shop. 
I have sorted my raised bed at the back of the greenhouse, I have sifted all the soil, removing roots and other rubbish, I have a plan to use the area differently, I have started, but a pop to B&Q for some cheap slate and pebbles tomorrow, then I should be able to finish it off and take photo's.


  1. A greenhouse is brilliant when it's raining, it's somewhere to shield from the rain whilst you still get on with outdoor jobs. The weather's dull here today but no rain as yet.

  2. Rain in Essex for the next couple of days. Feeling a little chilly to despite being 19degrees indoors.

  3. Rain, rain, rain here too and quite cold too.
    Your greenhouse looks very tidy.

  4. I don't call that a lazy weekend!

  5. I lost my greenhouse in the gales in 2010 - would love to have another - nice dry place on a wet day.
    I didn't know that charity shops took plants.



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