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Monday, 24 September 2018

prickly bed

I sifted all the soil to remove any thing left behind which could grow and all the roots. I then planted and added the membrane, this was added not to suppress weeds, I have not had issues in this bed, but to keep the small stones and slate from sinking.
I washed all the stones, then used white stone around the edge of the garden, I then added the slate on the left side, then filled the whole area with white stones. I added the 'river' of slate on top of the white stones. The bigger stones were added last, to balance the edges of the garden, I loved the wooden square as a place I can put a display bowl. I have already changed the display for a bigger bowl I have. The Aloe Vera I have left in it's bucket and it can stay just in front of the garden.
Using my lovely stand allowed me to keep some plants in their containers, I do love using kitchen items as planters.
The only downside to this garden, is it's in my greenhouse so not on view from the garden, but on the plus safe from young grandsons hands.
I have had this plan for ages in my head, just waited until the final harvest could be made, I can now watch to see if they all grow.


  1. It looks great. It's a lovely way to display your collection.

  2. You’ve made your own little Eden Project-now lovely.

  3. A great idea, it looks great.

  4. That looks very good indeed.

    All the best Jan

  5. A lovely way to show off the plants - will you leave it like this permanently or just for the winter?

  6. It looks great, Marlene. I particularly like the white stones you habe used. Meg xx



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