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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Blooming colourful

What you doing mum
 Grace follows me every time into the garden
 Flowers in the side bed

 Back bed

 Beautiful Acer
 Chimney under our Magnolia tree
 Beautiful flowers
 Pot by front door
 Pot by garage
 My tiny Olive, just 6-8 olives left on the plant, 
if we get another heat wave, I might get to harvest them. 
I have quiet alot of space coming in my garden where plants are fading, but I'm not ready to plant for autumn and winter yet, as you can see I still have loads of colour.
I have not done much, hubby has had the past two weeks off driving and is home full time, so my normal routine is out the window, he does get bored alot, whilst I have loads to do. 
BUT I twisted my back again, so I ache, which makes doing too much difficult, we did pop to Asda yesterday, I do love their Shades quilted toilet rolls, we also picked up cat food and beer on offer, all important purchases. We found a few other good priced items, and probably spent more than we should, but it's good to get a stock up shop.
Today I'm off to see the doctor, with an ongoing issue, I will mention my back, bet he says rest and painkillers. Later I'm out with my neighbour Chris, we were going for coffee together, but I think it will be lunch.
Later I have a bit of sewing to do, I'm behind, but it's enjoyable so no issues for me, I have an idea for another item for my sisters craft selling.  I'm still enjoying knitting my socks on the magic loop, which once you get sorted in your mind is very easy to use, I found a video on Youtube and watched it a couple of times.


  1. You have such beautiful blooms in your garden. Still a riot of colour. Keep going Summer.

  2. Thank you for sharing all that lovely garden colour, Marlene. We are coming into our Spring now, but after such a dry and warm Winter, there's not as much in bloom in my garden as there would normally be. I have planted some petunias in pots and I noticed the first purple flower on one of those forming this morning. I have more to plant but some work to do to the soil first. MegXx

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. I sure hope you feel better soon! Back pain is no fun!

  4. You've still got lots of colour in your garden. Hope your back's feeling better soon.

  5. Beautiful moggy.Your flowers are Awesome.x



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