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Friday, 28 September 2018

Catch up

These balls are now much smaller
 and the blanket is much bigger
 Don't you just love a ripple. 
I have been given a couple more books to read
 Hubby purchased these books for my iPad
Thank you for all your recent comments, they helped cheer me up, I don't get the blues too often and normally I pick up again quickly, this time I was wiped out as was hubby. A couple acts of kindness has helped, people can be brilliant, we moan at peoples failings, but we should celebrate their good deeds.
I had a good morning on Tuesday with our sign language class, it's just a small group, not an official class just learning together, we laugh alot and share lunch. It's a really good couple of hours.
We met our new neighbour this week again, she was measuring up and hopes to be in before the end of October, exciting to have some in the house, it's been empty for almost two years.
Hubby and I are away for a few days, we both needed a break, so we are in Ilfracombe, hotel by the sea, weather is not important, time together is.
Its the perfect opportunity for us to relax, heal and laugh, sat on our bed watching the tide come in, what more can I ask for.


  1. Enjoy your little breakaway, it is the simple things that mean so much. Your blanket is so inviting, I struggle to find the right word, pretty, nice, warming, none of them do it justice. Hygge. that's the one. I can not say it but know what it means.

  2. How exciting having a little break away, and Ilfracombe is lovely, we often cross the border into Devon and have a trip there when we're in Cornwall. You're blanket is growing so fast, you'll have it finished by the time the cold weather arrives.

  3. Wow-you’re a quick rippler! Enjoy Ilfracombe-it’s many years since we stayed there so I’ll look forward to hearing about your break. After scraping frost of the windscreen this morning,we’ve decided to go to the seaside to give the motorhome a good run out.

  4. A break in Devon sounds perfect.

  5. Your blanket’s grown so much. I haven’t read any Peter James books, but love a good thriller so look forward to hearing what they’re like. Enjoy your break, sounds very needed xx

  6. Enjoy your little break away, Marlene. I hope you and your hubby come back home all the better for it! MegXx

  7. do hope you enjoy your break,I have never been there would love to see a couple of pics.WOW,that blanket is so pretty,love the colours too.I tried starting a Ripple once but couldn't get on with it.Hugs xxx

  8. Your blanket is coming along so well.
    Enjoy your break in Devon.

    All the best Jan

  9. Have a wonderful time Marlene, I hope you come home refreshed and relaxed. Time with like minded friends is so important, I don't know how I would have coped this past twelve months without my knit group and book group ladies - we giggle, drink tea and eat cake, its such a tonic each week to meet with them even when I am feeling really low.
    love and blessings xx

  10. Your blanket is gorgeous and such an inspiration for my new foray into crochet. I only learned to crochet this summer and my first attempt was so addictive I just kept on going and made a small granny square blanket. I'm now attempting another blanket, but this one is being made from small granny squares and I'm looking at the join-as-you-go to try that :)



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