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Wednesday, 26 September 2018


My few Olives are turning colour
maybe this year a harvest

Chillies drying in the greenhouse
 Blackberry runners along the garage
 This hedge in front of my greenhouse
is a full larder for the birds. 
 This tiny grass is growing well in front of the hedgehog pot
they still visit the garden, but not as often. 
My garden is surviving all the winds, we have had huge amounts of rain, everywhere is looking good.
We do have two fence panel breaking on our horrible neighbours side, which is going to be hard to do anything with, in the past we would write to them suggesting they get their handy man in to replace the panels and we pay him half.  But their garden is so overgrown, they can't see the fence, so we don't feel it's worth sending a letter until the panels completely break. We can't do anything ourselves without their consent, can't get anyone in to do the work, they become abusive to anyone working along the boundary, I wish we could build a huge brick wall.
I am now preparing the garden for winter, I have dug up my geraniums and a few other plants, they live in pots in the greenhouse all winter. All the bulbs and primroses have not  been planted, maybe a job to do later today, I require a few pansies for the tubs along the side of the house, but I will get them next Wednesday. The Dahlias  are still looking really good, so loads of colour everywhere.
Our main task is picking up leaves, they are dropping early this year.


  1. What a bumper harvest of chilli's, the birds will really appreciate the berries.

  2. You may be lucky with those olives. We've also got a fence panel which requires some attention, it must be so hard when you don't get on with your neighbours. There seems to be a lot of berries around this year, I hope we're not in for a harsh winter.

  3. Having never seen a hedgehog outside of a pet store I can only imagine how adorable they must look waddling around a garden. It must brighten the day to see one.

  4. We had a fence panel blow out last week, it belongs to our elderly neighbours and he has already bought a new one to replace it, Mark will put it in for them at the weekend. I'm sorry you have difficult neighbours it can't be nice, i don't know why people are nasty like that. We are very lucky with both ours, we have an elderly couple one side and a young couple with two children the other but we do have one family who moved in over the road last year who have made a nuisance of themselves with parking their work vans and they are just generally untidy people. I think you should be allowed to vet potential buyers, lol.
    Hope the rain keeps off for you to get your bulbs planted,it's been ok here so I have got some (but not all) of mine done while It was nice.

  5. Do I see blackberry pie in your future? If so, please do share on your blog. I'd like to drool over it. :)

  6. An abundance of chillies you grew.
    Is it possible for you to add a fence of your own at the front of the not so nice neighbours? Or even a screen to make it look nicer for you.

  7. Difficult neighbors are so troublesome. Ours just cut down some lovely trees, totally against the neighborhood rules.

  8. Life is just too short,why can't neighbours be more helpful,especially as you have offered to pay towards it.I do hope it gets sorted out for you.Great photos as always.We get hedgehogs,they are so sweet.x



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