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Monday, 3 September 2018

New starts

More yarn for socks
 this looks exciting
 Brighter colours to add the my stash of pale colours
Colours already in my stash
 Ready for the magic loop sock knitting
I am already a huge fan of the magic loop, knitting both socks at the same time, the rib section was a bit fiddly, but the stocking stitch is brilliant. No dropped stitches, no needle points getting in the way, plus knitting both at the same time only one lot of counting. 
I was bored on Bank holiday Sunday, so checked Wool Warehouse to see what colours they had I could add to my yarn stash of pale colours, so now I have every shade in this range, plus extra a black and white balls, I feel a ripple blanket being made, for me this time.
As for the sock yarns, what can I say, they were both on sale and brought my total to allow free postage. I was cheeky and search through Google to see if there were any discount code available, which I found and used, extra 10% off, which brought the total back into requiring postage, so add another ball and back to free postage. Parcel arrived on Thursday, such joy in a small delivery.
Will slept over for the two nights on Friday and Saturday, so we had early mornings both days, it really is good he is so happy to stay with us.
Saturday we took Will to the castle grounds, where he could ride his truck around the grass area's, we had cake at the castle tea room.
It was hubby's birthday on Sunday, 69 years young, so when mummy and daddy came to pick Will up, and we all shared cake, later I treated hubby to a meal  out together, using a voucher found on line for 30% off food. Needless to say Sunday was an early night to bed.
Mummy, daddy and Will are now away on holiday for a week, so a tidy quiet house, we are going to miss them.
I have just heard Chris Evans on radio 2 saying he will finish the breakfast show at Christmas after 13 years, who will be able to follow in his footprint. We said that after Sir Terry stepped down, the breakfast show is an important start to our day, we love the format of the breakfast show. 


  1. DH and I have just had the same conversation about Chris Evans-mind you, I think he’s going to be busy with twins expected soon. I like what he said about always wanting to climb-good advice really about always challenging ourselves in our later years, or we do become observers on life. Fabulous socks-happy knitting.

  2. lovely yarn purchases, Wool Warehouse have some great offers and their delivery is really fast I find.
    A bleated happy birthday to your husband, I hope you had a lovely meal. Have a lovely week

  3. Happy belated birthday to your hubby and what a lovely prebirthday with Will. I’ve never knitted socks, I like the idea of doing them together on the loop needles, still sounds a bit complicated though xx



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