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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Colour through grey

I am pleased with these colours
 I am using each colour for the second time
 Folded into quarters
This is the only crafting I am doing, I have loads of sewing ready to stitch, a pair of socks over half way and I've almost finished my cross stitching. But I am on empty when it comes to crafting, well on most things.
I do have loads of joy in my life, my supportive and loving husband, wonderful grandsons, and daughters. But like the weather there is cloud everywhere, life is grey. I have never felt so low, things around us this summer have weighed heavy on me, I am a strong woman, so I have never felt this before, I can see where I need to get to.
The garden is being done, simply because if I don't sort things before the cold weather, I will lose plants and not have any colour early next year.
I am out into the greenhouse to finish my project at the back, at least this brings a smile. B&Q had the slate and stones I wanted, plus some primroses and cyclamen both reduced, if it ever stops raining I can do my pots. I have added the cost to my list.


  1. So sorry you're feeling this way, Marlene, I hope you manage to pick up soon. It's awful, isn't it, I know the feeling only too well. The blanket colours are wonderful, so lovely and bright.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down at the moment, I think most of us get like this sometimes. The only consolation is that it does pass. Your blanket is looking lovely, such pretty colours.

  3. I hope those feelings pass quickly. I completely understand how you feel. It's hard to find motivation or enthusiasm about anything. Try a multivitamin in case you're a bit short of something.

  4. I hope positivity returns for you soon, Marlene. It's good that you are crocheting some colour into your life! I felt quite flat all through Winter and I ended up planting pots of petunias just for that bright colour I was missing. MegXx

  5. Oh, hugs. That's a terrible place to be in. Please take care of yourself and know you're not alone in feeling this way.

  6. Sending you a {{GREAT BIG HUG}} - I hope the issues that are causing this low mood are soon resolved and you are feeling brighter. The blanket looks superb.

  7. Sorry to read you are feeling down at the moment, I hope you may soon be feeling brighter.
    I think your blanket has such pretty colours.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan



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