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Saturday, 8 September 2018


My socks are growing
 I did not knit the leg part of the sock so long, 
my first pair I made went further up my leg than I liked. 
 Using the magic loop is much neater for me. 
I may have purchased more yarn for my ripple blanket.
These are all the colours I now have, just one ball of most of them
I have extra, Black, White, Navy and Red
Plus I liked these, which were on sale, just 3 balls.
I want to make a large ripple blanket, using loads of different colours, with a random look, which for a neat freak like me will be harder. The yarn is 4ply, which I enjoy crocheting with, plus it makes a nice weight for the blanket. It's going to be a long term project for me, keeping me warm as I work on it through the winter months, not a cheap item to make, but fun.
The moonstruck yarn will make a warm winter item, scarf or hat, they were on sale at £1 each ball. 
I am loving my socks, the magic loops works perfect for me, less gappy loops to sort out, no dropped stitches, which was a huge problem for me using four needles, plus only one set of counting. After watching a couple of youtubes, everything dropped into place and I am comfortable knitting in this way. 
We had a lovely day on Thursday, afternoon tea was huge, we brought our cake home with us, which we enjoyed much later. The September sun is always welcome on walks along our coast. Thank you for your good wishes, we have been together 34 good years.


  1. Your ripple blanket is going to be very colourful, a nice project to work on over the winter months. I think once you've got the hang of knitting socks, you find your preferred method.

  2. that's going to be a fabulous blanket, I love ripples

  3. Those socks look so comfortable! Glad to hear you had a nice anniversary day!

  4. Belated anniversary wishes to you both.
    I hope your back is improved.
    Great sock knitting and nice new wool purchases.

  5. I have used circular needles to knit a shrug before. I haven't yet braved socks, but I read the two options were multiple straight needles, or circular ones. I knew I wanted to use circular, and you confirmed the reasons why. I didn't want to have saggy stitches between the needles.

    Enjoy your wintertime, knitting project. A great time to knit.

  6. Hi Belated Anniversary Wishes.I love the pretty socks.Great yarn colours.xx

  7. Ooo pretty socks. And I get you on the random. When I made my random granny stripe blanket I had to use all 12 colours before I could repeat and always starting the repeat with the same colour. It looks very random but it suited my need for some organisation.



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