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Sunday, 28 August 2016

And finally

A crafty post
Friday night stitching
 This is a simpler way of joining them together
 Another brilliant book 
Saturday started dry, so out into our garden, first job was to prepare the long pots for our strawberries, gravel in the bottom, loads of farmyard manure and chicken poo pellets, hubby has already made the holes along the back side for drainage. I then worked in my green house, clearing things away and planting my four potatoes for our Christmas lunch. Cut back the tomato and pepper plants, allowing in more light. I have planted loads of cuttings, chocolate mint for my sister, Rosemary and tarragon for me, and loads of flowers also for my sister. My Rosemary bush is getting woody so the hope is to have a good plant by the end of summer next year.
I had to tidy our back fence, something has got to one side of my Jasmine plant, so I cut it back loads in hope it will survive, I think my neighbour at the back has painted his side of the fence.
A quick lunch and off to our local village for a hair cut,  at £25 it's a good price and a good cut, no more driving into town to pay for parking and be overcharged for a similar cut with a complementary cup of coffee.
As rain threatened, I spent the afternoon with another good book, I hope to finish it later today, I love having time to read. No craft last night we shared a bottle of Mateus Rose,  I love the taste on a summers evening.
This morning woke up to more rain, so it's sewing machine time.


  1. You've been busy in the garden. I haven't planted any spuds for Christmas, I'm not sure if I'll bother this year.

  2. Lovely patchwork, you must have so much patience to do all those hexagons.

  3. You have been busy. I love chocolate mint and more often than not we cut a couple of sprigs and pop it into some hot water. It makes a lovely drink x

  4. I need to cut mints back but they are a amass of flowers at the moment in return that means a amass of bees so will leave them alone for now

  5. I don't know how you have so much patience, but the quilt is going to be beautiful xxx



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