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Monday, 29 August 2016

Twice as nice

Yesterday I got the sewing machine out, I had a project in mind, something I spotted on Pintrest, which I thought would be useful for my sister. Like me she loves craft and often has projects on the go, with no where to keep everything together. 
I did not have a pattern, so  I worked it all out as I went along. 
 I wanted a tall bag, she often likes to knit and her wool can be bulky, plus there needed to be space for long knitting needles.  The outside pocket was the factor which drew me to this design, I have a bag with inside pockets but they can be difficult to get to when there are items in the main body of the bag. 
 I cut a plastic circle for the base of the bag, the size of our tea plate, I was going to do a bigger base, but this size works well. On the inside I made a padded cushion so if you drop anything in, it lands on a soft base.
 The buckle used on the handle can be undone if required. 
 Having made a bag for my sister I then made another for myself, the sides are not as tall as the one above, here you can see my knitting project tucked inside.

 It works very well with the knitting needles inside, 
and the pocket is deep enough to be useful. 
 I made the pocket at the back into 2 pockets on both bags, 
here you can see some of the things I like to keep close when I am knitting. 
These deep pockets running around the outside are brilliant. 
 I only had one buckle for the top, so I searched in my box with bigger buttons and other fastening, and found this ring, I have pulled the handles through, it is a bit heavy, but I do love the finished look. 
All the fabrics I had in my stash, a few years a local upholstery shop was closing, I purchased loads of these pastel colours, just a couple meters of each, except the pale green as my favorite colour I got loads more of it. The  flowery material was an off cut I purchased knowing it would go with these colours. I always keep buttons and other bits from anything which can't go to the charity shops, I do love a button box, so much joy from looking through and finding what you need. I have no idea where the ring came from, probably from one of my daughters, who stopped wearing it and like a Magpie I kept it rather than throwing it away.
I am rather pleased with my afternoon's work, so instead of my knitting being tucked in a drawer out of mind, now it sits beside my desk, and now I should pick it up and do some more, I purchased the wool last year whilst away at my niece's wedding, who this month had her 1st anniversary.
Yesterday we had lunch with Su, youngest daughter, we popped to the large M&S, very lovely sandwiches and cake, it was great to sit and chat, our daughter at 16 weeks pregnant is blooming. I only purchased one item, a new suitcase for our holiday in just over 3 weeks. Su got a new case and we got the same design, so we borrow each others and have matching cases.
Today we have to pop to Tesco, just a few store cupboard items required, this afternoon, I have to finish my fruit garden, transplant the strawberries into their new tubs and tidy the raspberries, I have a big bag of bark to go over the back to keep the moisture in.
Later we will pop to see Su and David, it's David's birthday, so cake will be served.
Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday


  1. Great bags, Marlene. As you say bucket bags are great for long needles. I made one a couple of years ago but Francesca has it now.

  2. They look great, such a useful design. I'm sure both bags will be well used.

  3. You did a wonderful job on that bag. I am so impressed, you did the whole thing with no pattern! Glad to hear your daughter is doing so well. When will you know the sex of the baby? Or maybe not. It seems like more young people want to be surprised when the baby is born.

  4. They do look good, my machine was out on Sunday and I made a slightly wonky project bag. x

  5. Love your bucket bags, clever you working it all out without a pattern :-)

  6. They are gorgeous backs and i think you are so clever to just make it up as you go along. I'm still very much following a pattern the moment. Though I'm about to commence on replicating my favourite worn out dress just by using that as the pattern! Eeeek.

  7. Hi Marlene,
    Nice to meet you and thanks for commenting on my blog. Those bags are very nice, and no pattern! WOW! I'm impressed. I think your sister will be very happy. I am a bag lady and a bee lady! You can't have too many of either!

    Cindy Bee



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