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Thursday, 25 August 2016


What do you want from your life?
It's a good question, how do you define, want and life, I read a good post here, with a link which was very interesting, which got me thinking, and therefore changed the whole topic of this post.
On the list of want, these days it's health and happiness for me and those I love. BUT also in the world around us, more of that later. These days I have few wants and very few things I need to buy, I get my pleasures not from anything with a price tag, a giggle from my grandsons, seeing someone I love smile, simple pleasures. I want calm and peacefulness to surround me, it's not something you can totally control, but you can take small steps to improve your surrounding world. I am a true believer in practicing what you preach, do as I do, if we all lived our lives with more thought for others, I'm sure slowly our world would improve.
We have had loads of issues with our neighbour, mad cat woman, I have ignored most of the things she has done, worked with our local police force to resolve her accusations, it took a couple of years, but now we hear nothing from her, which pleases me, I want to enjoy our home, it is now the place of calm and relaxing we hoped for. I could have played the tit for tat game and did things to get back at her, but in my mind that's just lowering my standards.
In our world we have loads of things we can't change, but we can choose how we handle the issues when they show, some issues are huge and one person can't stop or change things, well not on our level, but if loads of people start making small changes then momentum can build into something big.
Our world is not so big these days, we see and hear things happening from across the globe instantly, it sadden me to see so much conflict, so many people having so little control over their part of the world.
Then we see the Olympics on TV, a wonderful show case of mankind, then the TV pans to all the poverty in Brazil, nothing is perfect. Again perfection is a photo in a magazine or shown on TV, not real life.
This week we have had Logan our grandson staying, lots of laughter. I spent time with Josh and Sam on Tuesday, we did simple things, an ice cream, playing in the park. Hope to spend time with our daughter this coming weekend, family is key to happiness. We are looking forward to my sister visiting soon, making simple plans a good meal together.
Life these days is  simple, calm, happy things, things we can control, slower place, knowing your own worth for the true things in life. Not everyone's cup of tea, but then we are all different.


  1. Health and happiness is what I want from life too, for myself and my family. I think the simple things in life really do bring happiness, my favourite thing is spending time with my family.

  2. At the moment I just want good health for my nearest n dearest. X

  3. I think what you say about knowing your own worth is very important and not getting caught up in trying to meet other peoples ideas of what is or isn't worthy of your time or attention.

    I look around and so many people in life and on social media are trying way too hard to be perfect or present a perfect picture of themselves to the world. It's just not real and I do worry about the pressure it places on young people these days.

    I actually enjoy NOT being perfect and NOT caring what other people think too much. Perhaps I am a little strange or have got to an age where it just doesn't matter to me that much. I definitely agree that simple things are the most enjoyable things for me these days, such as spending time at home with the people I love.

    That said, I'm now going to read you link.

  4. Good post. I find great joy in the simple things - today the shapes of clouds, the swallows swooping, a fresh breeze to lift the heat, the sea mist coming across the fields, competing with husband to spot the biggest tractor and plough working today No money spent but a great richness gained.

  5. I agree - it is the small acts of kindness and love shown every day by normal insignificant folk that hold back the tide of evil and darkness. Making our homes an oasis of peace and kindness is an immeasurable force for good.

  6. I am quite content in my life and want much if the same things. Peace, and quiet and few days with extra pain in them. I also would desire the closet possible walk with the Lord.

  7. I would say you have figured things out very well. I agreed with almost everything you said. So my comment will just be, I agree with you about what makes life worth living and what is important!

  8. It's a hard business life isn't it, so much you cant control. I learnt from a young age that my parents weren't the type to look on the bright side of life and that you have to make your own happiness. My father in particular used to play the lottery and moaned when he didn't win, his idea being that he would pass the money on to make us happy. He couldn't understand we were happy anyway. xx

  9. The first thing in the morning view of the mountain reminds me that ephemeral things are not important. Enough food, clothing, and somewhere safe to live. My crafting and garden for play time. These are important to me and I know that a large chunk of the world's population do not have any of them. There will always be the great divide between the haves and the have not's. Perhaps if we all only had what we needed and just a little of what we wanted there would be more to go round.

  10. It i so hard to scale back when one has spent their life trying to get ahead. But, once you have made the decision to do it, life does become better.

  11. What a wonderful post, I totally agree, health and happiness found in the simple things in life will do me.



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