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Friday, 12 August 2016

It's Friday evening

Hubby has been busy
He has replaced the bird table pole and most of the back fencing, all was rotten.
Our rose arch is looking good
The birds love the feeding station in this position. 
Next year I want sweet peas and a black eyed susan climbing through the roses.
 Flowers have gone mad
I love the red pompom dahlia through  the lupins 
as for this begonia, what can I say stunning
My side cottage garden is full
next year I will throw loads of seeds over this bed
 Close up of the back section
another fuchsia and begonia  in a tall chimney pot 
 We don't have many things to harvest this year
 My lemon plant has recovered, and the little orange is doing well
Hubby got me gravel and bark for fruit garden
but both the raspberries and strawberries are still fruiting. 
It is a warm sunny evening here in Hampshire, as you can see in my photo's above lovely blue skyes, hoping to go for a walk later.
Not much to do this weekend, the garden is looking good, we should be decorating inside, but I don't want hubby to do too much, his shoulder is healing well and we don't want to risk him having a set back.
I still require a new swimming costume, so we may pop to Whitley tomorrow at some time.
Our main plan is to enjoy this weekend, just the two of us, BBQ will feature as will relaxing in the garden.
I am going to put my basket together as well, I have decided to use the pale blue denham strips and join them together with 3 levels, photo's will follow.
I have started another book, done NO sewing at all, and watched loads of sports which we would not normally watch, the synchronised diving with Jack Laugher and Chris Mears was thrilling to watch.


  1. It looks like you've got some lovely weather to enjoy your garden, it's quite blustery here and grey skies. You're garden is looking lovely.

  2. You are so lucky to have nice weather . . . we are still going through our drought. We water the plants every day so they are still growing but not like they would is we have some natural rain.



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