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Sunday, 14 August 2016


I decided to join the lighter blue bands, 
so I measured and made three bands
 At two high I could see this was working
 At three high it was perfect, now what to do at the top level
I was going to fold and sew the uprights in
 Too bulky, so I cut each to length and double stitched them
The top is the most important bit, it holds everything together
 I chose to use some more of this fabric, 
I liked the fact I could use a thin strip 
 So my basket finished, it holds itself up well
I have just woven the straps, with no plans to stitch them
 This is sturdy, and pretty 
 I don't mind you can see the joins for the horizontal bands
it is after all a working basket
 I have pegged the corners for now, I need them to define
next time I get the iron out I will neaten the corners. 
I'm very pleased with this, using waste items to remake things I can use. If the corners do not sit right then I will have a look and maybe sew along the corner line. The basket is bigger than I planned, but that's a good thing, at one point I almost decided to add a duffel bag top and have another bag, but in truth I don't think I would use it. It took longer than expected, you can see the start of the project here.
We popped to town this morning and booked our break for September, we are flying off to Tenerife, a week of rest and sunshine, we do like island holidays. We also very naughty went into BHS, it's the last few days of our local shop, got a few summer tops each, they are so very cheap.
The sport is on TV, it's going to be interesting tonight Tennis final, more cycling and the gymnastic finals.


  1. That is very inventive! I like that edging.

  2. That basket is wonderful and what a good way to use the scraps.

  3. I too really liked the dotted edging you used. Sets it off wonderfully.

  4. Lovely basket Marlene, really effective using the denim.

  5. It looks great now it's finished and what a fab way to use up scraps x

  6. It looks great, simple and effective.

  7. It looks great. I wonder what you'll use it for.

  8. That's a beautiful basket, really impressive. Well done on booking your holidays, it should be a lovely temperature over there in September.

  9. What a clever way to use up scraps. It's really effective and looks good too. The edging fabric sets it off well. Well done!
    Cathy x



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