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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Tide is in

We went back for another walk
this time with the tide in
 We took our big camera's
so these boats look much better
 Walking along the shore line
 The water makes each photo much better
 Cornfield along outer waking line 
 Every where full of flowers and fruit growing
My great niece and nephew came over yesterday
 they are my brother Martins grand children
before our BBQ we popped to our local park to play
It was true August weather, sunny and warm all day and evening, our neighbours brought their daughter Maddie, so we had loads of children's laughter in our garden, the bubble machine proving once again it the best fun. Later after the younger ones had left, we sat outside chatting, loads of laughter enjoying everyone's company. Nights like these are fewer, we do not get the long hot days enough, our summer weather is changing, but we try and make the most of each chance we get.
We were going shopping today but in truth, I can't be  bothered, so I am going into our attic to look for old pairs of jeans, I know where they are it just a matter of getting to them, our attic space is very small, so everything is piled on top of each other.
Later the hope is for another walk, might head towards the castle, not been there for a while.


  1. Your pictures, again, are beautiful.

  2. Nice to have a lovely walk, your right we should make the most of the nice weather, it is so unpredictable.

  3. Sounds like a great summer evening, very pretty.

  4. Lovely photos. Good luck searching for your jeans, I'd hate to venture into my attic x

  5. What a great post. Nothing is much better than time with family and a beach!



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