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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Food for thought

I have just watched Cowspiracy, on Netflix, an interesting documentary film about the cost to our world on the production of meat. Firstly  I eat meat and have no plans to stop, months ago we made the decision to have two days each weak without eating any meat or fish, it's an easy adjustment to make. We try not to buy meat from the supermarket and using a local butchers, so we don't save money we just purchase meat which is more than often produced locally. The film gives loads of facts and is very sobering to watch, at the end they gave compelling evidence for everyone to become vegan, which really whilst you know is the correct thing to do, in reality it's not going to happen. They use the argument of land, water consumption to show the true cost of raising meat.
I have not eaten ham in months, it's far too processed for me, so on the odd occasion I have sandwiches I eat cheese. I don't eat too much bread, refined white flour causes me too many tummy problems.
We have also stopped eating process food, we now use ingredients to make our meals, no longer will you find in our pantry jars and packets of sauces. I am growing and drying our herbs and peppers to add flavour to our dishes.
The supermarkets dictates what food we have, we can buy anything at any time of the year, we only buy food in season, this summer we have enjoyed our own and local strawberries, we stopped regularly buying fruit and veg which is shipped from across the world, having a break from anything and waiting for them to come into season, makes the item taste so much better. Plus often those wonderful strawberries from the other side of the globe, look beautiful often they have no taste at all.
We have also cut our portion size, it was a huge shock to see the recommended portion size, compared  to the size of cuts purchased, with so many things super sized, everything is changing.


  1. It sounds like you have made some good changes. I am working on portion control. Here in the US we often have portions that are way too big.

  2. o truer words have been spoken.

  3. I agree with every word Marlene. I can not see us becoming a nation of vegans but if every family had one or meat free days a week it would help enormously. I try for 5 meat free each week, but I like to experiment with ingredients. My pantry is full of the basics for meal making but the only processed foods are tins of chick peas, other beans and tomatoes.

  4. Sounds like an interesting documentary, think I'll seek it out later
    Julie xxxxx

  5. I've watched that film too and it is quite shocking. It has contributed to our change in consumption of red meats, which now I have high cholesterol is just as well. I tend to use just chicken, turkey, fish and meat alternatives now although very occasionally we do have red meat.

  6. I do love meat but I'd be happy to cut it out of our meals for a day or two each week but Mick wouldn't be happy to do that. To him, it isn't a meal if it doesn't contain meat.

  7. Agree with all you have written and is very like our own journey. Do you find like me that there are whole aisles in the supermarket you just don't need to go down now? Full of snacks and processed food that we just don't want.

  8. I think you're very sensible, whilst we know we should not eat meat too much I think a few days a week without is a good start. I totally agree with the eat local philosophy too.

  9. It's great that you are cutting down on meat and going meat free a couple of days a week and on behalf of the animals I would like to say thank you. I went vegetarian about 10 years ago and very quickly became vegan. Although it was hard at first, now the supermarkets have caught on to the vegan market, it is a lot easier. My hubby was a die hard meat eater but has gradually moved over to an almost vegetarian diet with just a bit of fish sometimes. Actually I find that if I accidentally eat cheese now, I am in agony for hours, people are not designed to drink/eat the lactose in cows milk xxx



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