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Monday, 8 August 2016

This has legs

I found out 3 pairs of old jeans, all different colours
I cut a long panel from each leg, I am using bootleg jeans
 I then fold and pin so there are three layers
no rough ends showing, making them as strong as I can
 Ready for sewing, I love all the different shades
I decided to use red thread to add some colour
 Then a bit of weaving
Here I hit the wall, I am making a basket, the long bits are the side I have 4 strips of pale blue to use for the sides, but they are not long enough, each one should be 84cm, so do I try and sew my shorter ones together flat, will they be to bulky. OR do I look for a seven foot person and steal their jeans for the longer legs. A third option would be to use a different material, but I don't have anything as heavy as this denham.
The other option is to use all 12 lengths woven for a cushion front, BUT I want a basket, so I am thinking about what to do next. So for now I have started another book, another new author for me.
Below are the seams off the jean legs, these are the thick ones which the material is wrapped around like a French seam, I have seen uses for these on Pintrest, I will save these until I have a few more, then I will get creative
So no waste here, I have also kept some of the back pockets, 
I don't have any plans, they are saved just because.
What do you do with your old jeans. 


  1. Very interesting, I kept some of the boys old jeans for crafty purposes so will see how your basket gets on x

  2. If I were 7ft tall you could have my jeans with pleasure! The weaving looks so pretty - you are so creative! I've seen some things online somewhere where they use purely selve edges from material - the ones with the swanky names are the best! No waste! I was reading a good book out in the garden. Left item out. Monsoon. It's now drying!!

  3. I have made a patchwork cushion cover with different shades of jeans. Good luck with sorting out your basket!
    Teresa x

  4. Such a good idea to make a basket from the jeans, hope a solution suggests itself to you soon. I don't own any jeans, but now I want some for craft purposes!

  5. What a great way to repurpose old jeans, it's a shame the legs aren't long enough, I hope you find a solution. I've never read anything by Carole Matthews either, you'll have to let us know what you think of the book.



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