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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wet or dry

Last week
 This morning
I don't think it will last, but we are off out soon to make the most of it. 
 This week's stitching
 I have hidden here all week and got loads done
its for a birthday in June
The rest of this week has been much the same, work makes me tired and irritable by the time I get home, hubby is lovely and cooks wonderful meals, our curried veg (not vegetable curry) was brilliant, it's now on our menu list to have again, we did not do the chickpeas, which was good the curry was more than enough, with loads of leftovers. It has been wet so I have missed a couple of days walking after work, so I will do extra steps today.
Something is working I got on the scales this morning and I'm 2lb down, we are not on diets, just eating sensibly and walking more.
We are having another dryish month, not opening any bottles of red wine, we wanted a dry January, but with my brothers birthday and our weekend away, we allowed ourselves to drink only on these two occasions, to make up for it we are doing the same in February, just having a drink at  the Valentine Ball and a meal out later in the month. I sounds as if we drink alot, we normally would open one or two bottle of red wine a week and share over a few nights.
I still have to wash my car, I took two bags to the charity shop, I wanted to do more but now is not the time, I can't get my head around it.


  1. Enjoy your day out, it certainly makes us feel better when the sun is shining,
    we don't diet anymore, it is about moderation, I am good in the week and have a few treats at the weekend. xx

  2. Hi again Marlene, just to say your parcel arrived today, thankyou so much I shall use these in the house which I will be keeping, it will take a while to do but I will show on the blog , thankyou Marlene xxx

  3. Have a lovely weekend, we have a little of Mr Sunshine this morning too, very welcome it is after the wet and windy weather.
    Nice red stitching, that's growing well.

  4. Isn't the sun so much nicer. I have seen a lot of blood donation adverts to say don't give up give blood. Seems like a good idea to do both.

  5. We had a lovely sunny day, just a tiny shower of hail to mar it. I managed a 5 mile walk, and am feeling fitter for doing this 1000 mile challenge.

  6. Hope the day out was good. I do not believe in dieting. Jack and I are eating sensibly. He has lost 60 pounds or there abouts and I have lost around thirty.

  7. I've done no exercise really this week so will be putting that right next! The stitching is so neat! You really have a talentfor it X

  8. We had a sunny day yesterday and managed to dry washing on the line!
    Your stitching is looking great
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


  9. Great stitching and good work on loosing the 2 lbs. It is not easy, I know!



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