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Thursday, 21 January 2016

My Day

I have added some flowers, I did stitch January flowers blue
too close the the February blue, so unpicked them
Hubby went shopping yesterday and got the 7 colours I needed
 Flower 5 is out
 I wish this could last forever.
My Day
6.45am, Felt like hubby was pushing me out the door, he obviously wanted to get back to bed, which I can understand, but please on a cold morning don't show so eager when I'm off to work.

7.10am, Left my phone at home.

8.30am, Loads of problems in work, is our department going to close on 31.03.16, we don't know but just get on with work and we will find out soon enough.

9.15am British Gas sent in a bill, they seam to think a 2 bedroom house on London can use £16,000.00 worth of electricity in one year. I call them up, sorry they say can't talk to you, your name is not on our list of contacts, and they won't say who is.

12.05pm Hit the brick wall in office, really had enough of ladies talking about what might be happening, so called boss into office, for him uncomfortable moment, he said nothing and rushed off. It is noted he is staying away from us. 

12.30pm Up side lunch was nice.

13.10pm, I am sneakily told we are extended until September, so we are going nowhere, but I can't tell anyone. If it gets out I know and how I know, the person who told me will be sacked, and I don't want that, plus it's good to have someone on the inside. Again they tried to get another company to take on our contract and they have failed with in 3 weeks and are walking away. So don't pass it on.

16.30pm First in the office and last out, locked up with relief, glad it's Friday tomorrow. 

17.00 Letter from car finance, showing last years payments, but they do not show any payments for the previous year, so outstanding amount is just stupid, another phone call coming up. 

17.30pm, Just sat down to eat lovely fish pie cooked by hubby, knock on door, PC Bob, how are we? great why, well we have had complaints, he tells us mad cat woman next door had been complaining since December we are now smoking cannabis in our back garden,  he had just popped next door to hand her a letter warning her if she keeps on wasting police time they will take action against her.  Luckily no one believes her, he has been checking around the properties just so they can say it was investigated. it would make a good plot for Eastenders. 
Cue Phil Collins singing another day here in Paradise. 
So do I open a bottle of red, buy a huge bar of chocolate, or stitch.
Better go and stitch then
Hope your day was better


  1. Go on then, open the bottle!

  2. What a day!!Why not open the bottle and stitch. That might not be a good idea, there might be too much frogging after that combination. Personally, I would just stitch!!

  3. My parents had a similar problem with a neighbour who called the police to say my father had murdered my mother and buried her in the garden. Flashing blue lights came tearing down the street and stopped outside the house. Mum was out and dad was gardening as usual. A bit of a dramatic Saturday afternoon.

  4. For me it would have been wine and chocolate - would have left the stitching in case I spilt the wine on it! Good luck - hope it's better tomorrow xxx

  5. Stitch now, tomorrow open the wine and dip the chocolate in it. When the bottle is empty think how good it would look on crazy neighbours head, then put it in the recycling. The stitching is lovely.

  6. Oh my goodness, it sounds like quite a day!!!! I hope that tomorrow is better. xx

  7. That is some not so fun day! Love the amaryllis!

  8. Definitely open the bottle!!!

    All the best Jan

  9. I think after a day like that I'd be opening the bottle too! Hoping this weekend is restorative for you. :)

  10. What a day for you ... your neighbour does not sound like a nice person.

  11. What a neighbour?! And what a day or two you've had. Hope the bottle was opened and you've had a nice Saturday. Glad you've 'got a stay of execution' until September. Hope the rest of your weekend is a chilling out one. Your amaryllis is stunning :)



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